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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Handbag Cards

Morning everyone

I hope you are impressed that I am making another blog post already!!!

Following on from my last post where I talked about my customers liking different cards, I decided to make some handbag shaped cards.  I started out by using a template and papers from Fabulous Fashion by Katy Sue (Flowersoft) so this was the first handbag card I made.

Then I decided to try my hand at my own handbag design - and created this in CraftArtist.  This was the very first of my own designs (using papers from Serif).

Other handbag cards followed using this design - this is just one of them.

This is my newest card using this design - the pretty papers I used are by Victoria Nelson, and the bow was made using a template from the very talented Sue Beasley.

Because I handcut my handbag cards using scissors I then decided to try making a new design that I could cut with my Cameo and so a new design was born.  This was the very first one I did (for Mothers' Day 2014)

This one is the newest one (and again I used the bow template from Sue).

My handbag cards have proved to be very popular and I am often asked to personalise them.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Catherine x

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