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Monday, 4 May 2015

Good afternoon to anyone who is reading this!

I posted a detailed update onto my personal blog yesterday but thought I would just add a bit more information about Charlie Cards today.

For anyone who read yesterday's blog post on What Katy Did Next you will already know that I now sell my cards almost exclusively as part of the Lev3l 3 Community Crafters group in Cramlington.  I still have a Facebook business page and have been uploading most of my new cards to that as and when I make them - I am afraid I have been very bad at keeping this blog up to date due to time restrictions.  Sadly I also get very little "playtime" these days - and I love nothing more than doing messy crafting.  There's nothig quite like having inky fingers!

The Venue, Manor Walks, Cramlington

Every Saturday Lev3l 3 Crafters hold a market day in The Venue, Manor Walks, Cramlington - The Venue is situated next to Lloyds Bank and is a shop unit which is used as a community hub.  I was a little worried about the location of The Venue as there is a well established card shop right next door and a national card shop virtually opposite so I need to listen to my customers and find out what they want - and then design and make the cards to fit.  The one answer I always seem to get is "something different" - some like that the artwork on my cards is different from cards available in the shops and other like cards that are a different shape.  They all like that I can personalise my cards.  Here are four examples of personalised cards I have made in recent months:

Made to customer specification for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Made to Customer specification for a 101st birthday

Made for a young man who is into boxing

Made to customer specification for a 16th birthday

Something that has become very popular recently is the "pop up box card" and so I now have a selection of them to choose from - and I sometimes feel I spend my whole life making pop up box cards as they are so popular.  Here are just four of them:

Very popular for the boys!

New Baby Girl

Flowers and Butterflies

For the gardener in your life

I will try and keep this blog updated more regularly from now on, promise!

Thank you for visiting.

Catherine x


  1. Wow, These are brilliant, Good luck with your selling, You can't beat a personal card xxx

    1. Thank you Sylvia - and good luck for your craft fair too - your boxes are fab! And yes, nothing quite like a personal card. x